Thursday, September 2, 2010

My (Not NPR's) List

I have a couple little sticky notes floating around my computer in some form at most points. On those sticky notes are scribbled names of musicians I have heard, read about, or know are coming out with new music that I want to keep in mind for my next purchase. I have one of those hanging from my right speaker at work which is filled mainly with upcoming releases--you know all the hip new tunes I was going to get in on early.

So it was a little embarrassing to return from vacation and see that almost all of the albums on that little note were currently (or recently) available on NPR's First Listen feature. So much for hip.

OK, so NPR has really, really cranked up there already good commitment to music, but what does it say when my list so closely corresponds to theirs. Go ahead, say it. I'm old. That is what is says, and I know it so you don't have to sugar-coat it. When you are getting your hip music from NPR, you are definitely sliding into a certain period of your life. Next thing you know I am going to be getting recommendations for new music from Reader's Digest.

But really, I am okay with it. I am not going to back away from my list--in fact, I am still looking very much forward to what is on it (in all of its predictable-ness). So what is on it already?! Okay, here is what is in the running.
  • Despite my previous ambivalence, I am pretty sure to be checking out the new Arcade Fire album, The Suburbs, which continues to pull in positive reviews over at the big board.
  • Defintely going to check out the new album, Fields from Junip, José Gonzáles' group effort, since I really have enjoyed his solo work.
  • Not sure (but pretty sure) I will check out the new album from Jenny Lewis with her beau/band-mate Jonathon (Johnny) Rice. I am a bit worried that Jenny & Johnny's I'm Having Fun Now will be a bit too poppy, but am counting on Lewis' acid tongue to carry the day.
  • Surprisingly since it took me so long to figure them out, I am really look forward to The Walkmen's new album, Lisbon. Will they continue to slow down and get more crafty, or will we see a return to "The Rat"? Answering that question is the reason to check it out.
  • An album I didn't really have on my list but, well, I saw on NPR's First Listen (sigh) is the new album from Justin Townes Earle whose first two albums I thought were really worth attending to.
Beyond those, I am still chewing on some Josh Ritter albums I have picked up and will probably pick up one or two more to see what I finally think. I also have been working through some Rufus Wainwright thanks to Lisa B. and am trying to figure out what I think there. Likewise about a whole bunch of stuff sent to me by College Roomy including The Lilac Time, Lloyd Cole and a bunch of jazz. Speaking of jazz, I have also been listening to the latest Jason Moran and Brad Mehldau, so at some point I might figure out what I think of those and let you know.

So what am I missing and what are you listening to?


  1. Can't wait to hear what you have to say about Rufus once you get around to it. I loved that Frontier Ruckus, am lukewarm (so far) on the new John Mellencamp, quite like that set of covers by Marc Cohn, and just re-downloaded Pump. That's right, by Aerosmith. And it's dang good.

  2. Well, I have an idea about the whole Rufus thing and let's just say it involves you. Interesting about the JM--it is getting pretty good review (better than Life Death Love and Freedom which I really liked). Haven't listened to anything new by Cohn in ages and Aerosmith? Well, I think I might leave that to you in Megastore!