Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Weeks Erased by Two Days

So that week off the grid really turned into two and (don't take this personally, dear readers) but I didn't really miss it. In fact there are a whole bunch of things I didn't miss while gone on vacation, including:
  • 95 degree code orange (or red) days;
  • taking 20 minutes to go five miles;
  • too long work days (yes, already) trying to address the fact that we have more work to do than staff to handle it;
  • standing in a Metro car (after said work day) with a bunch of other tired grumpy DC workers;
  • stress (and, yes I know all the right things I am supposed to do to address it, but really I would just rather not have it);
  • realizing that there are multiple trips coming up that will take me away from the family;
  • mindless nonsense; and, of course,
  • feeling guilty for having life dominated by work.
In fact, it has seemed to me that it took work a much shorter time to erase vacation than it did for vacation to take hold of my psyche--which then made me wonder what I did miss while on vacation. Certainly their were colleagues and friends it was good to see again. And it is always great to be in your own home, particularly one you have invested a lot of time and sweat in, but we always make a home where we are.

Ultimately the list is pretty short. Hmmmm . . . . .

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  1. If I could only figure out a way to stay stay stay up at a cabin in Idaho near the river, I totally would. I can sometimes feel like the vacation is being erased on the drive home. It's almost like I never went. So that sucks.

    seeing your horrible e-mail stats over there in your Twitter feed . . . I feel that pain, my brother.