Sunday, September 19, 2010

Friends on the Slippery Slope

I think I made it pretty clear, particularly back when I was running The Tuning Room, that what I have always really wanted to do was take part in a group blog about music. Nothing serious, just a few of my friends who I talk about music with fairly regularly, sharing what they are listening to, why they like it and just music-related nonsense. That, however, has never really come to fruition.

But recently, I have been engaged in an online discussion with one friend about one artist which I will soon be sharing with you. I am hoping this will be something I get to do with other friends as well as a way to bring their voices to the blog. We'll see--or perhaps they will notice that I am just slowly moving them toward the edge of jumping into the group blog pool. After all, what are friends for?!

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