Thursday, April 1, 2010

An Open Letter to Life

Dear Life:

I shall blog. You cannot stop me as hard as you try. I know you are working at it, but it will not stop me. As of late you have:
  • buried me with work including an eight day trip to California;
  • greeted me upon my return with family visiting as well as international guests;
  • unleashed Spring in full force requiring concerted effort to get the yard and garden in shape (and recover from the havoc you let loose in the form of sequential winter storms earlier this year);
  • chided me for still having a winter-oriented header on my blog;
  • decided that the California trip wasn't enough so you tacked on an overnight to PA followed by a couple days in NYC;
  • had various friends and family email and phone me to remind me that I am a horrible correspondent and life is no real excuse; and,
  • taunted me into trying to see baseball season as another problem rather than the source of happiness.
So here I am life, blogging. And while this blogging may be seen as nothing but filler for real blogging, there is no denying that I am, in fact, blogging and you, busy life, have not stopped me. Furthermore, I have many, many blog ideas that will surely come to fruition in short order--once I get just a few other things done.




  1. Open letters to entities who cannot, or are unlikely to, respond are not filler blogging. Au contraire: they are the raison d'etre of blogging. Blog on, CPS Consolidated: blog on.

  2. Well, when Neats read this post she basically said I was stealing an HTM genre of blogging, so I figured I could count on your support!