Monday, April 26, 2010

New Releases Sprouting Like Weeds

April showers might bring May flowers, but apparently they also bring plenty of new music releases as they are coming fast and furious this Spring and Summer. Here are some of the discs I am either looking forward to or they are making me consider exploring a band I am yet to know. I give them to you in order of their release as I know them.
  • First up we have Together, the new album from power pop band The New Pornographers due out May 4, 2010. It is streaming over at NPR and worth a listen. This is yet another band I keep reading about and hearing, but don't have in my collection. Thinking I am going to start with Twin Cinema first, but basically all of their albums have really solid reviews.
  • Follow that with the new, very much anticipated album High Violet from The National which is streaming over at the NY Times until tomorrow along with a great article on this Brooklyn band. I have been digging this stream, but am going to drop back and pick up The Boxer first. The album will be released May 11, 2010.
  • Sliding into June, we have the second album from Samantha Crain, whose first album was well worth noting. The new album, You (Understood) is due out June 8, 2010, and has a little bonus for me (more below).
  • Moving into July we have Mark Kozelek releasing Admiral Fell Promises, the fourth album for Sun Kil Moon. I loved the last two from Sun Kil Moon, so will be anxious to hear this one.
  • Then of course we have an album I am probably looking forward to too much (thereby putting too much pressure on it)--Dead Malls and Nightfalls by Frontier Ruckus which is out July 20, 2010 according to their MySpacey page--dudes, really, get the new website up (and should I worry about the missing woman in that picture whose harmonies are so much apart of the first album?).
  • And finally, somewhere during this summer (it seems) José Gonzáles is going to release a new album with his band Junip. I have really enjoyed his solo work and look forward to hearing his music with a few more musicians around him.
So there is much to look forward to on the music front, although I am about to make some backward looking purchases first. Until then, though enjoy the new Samantha Crain video that features, wait for it, Frontier Ruckus. Ah, love when that happens.

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  1. A. I love The National
    B. thanks for this list
    C. the new Rufus Wainwright is sublime.