Thursday, April 22, 2010

On Aging

Here are a few signs I have noticed lately that suggest there is a distinct possibility that I just might be getting older.
  • I send emails home to Neats during the day as a way to remember to talk about something that night (after all it is hours away).
  • A single glass of red wine has the power to make getting up in the morning to exercise a near impossibility.
  • There is an adjustment period for the newspaper type to come into focus at night (but all good the next morning, so no worries).
  • When we get home from baseball practice at night after a day at work, I am more ready for bed than the boys.
  • Whereas I used to have students that were from another (younger) generation, I now have co-workers that are.
  • Neats and I have started to have those conversations about when something happened in the past, but can't quite remember (while the children look on with shear amazement that we cannot get it straight).
And, of course, there is the whole fact that I am making this list which is the surest sign that I am no longer at the age at which I don't even think about it.

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