Sunday, March 14, 2010

Teamwork: The Movie

Today, after recovering from my annual irritation with G.V. Hudson and the retail industry, I showed the boys xtranormal which I learned about thanks to a few colleagues. Of course, the boys immediately wanted to make a movie. So here you go.

The script is totally random--has nothing to do with my life or the boys (really)! You can tell for sure that it has nothing to do with the boys because it includes none of the available bodily function sounds that xtranormal provides you with (although early versions did and provided belly-laughing, tear-rendering responses).

And so for now, we give you the short cathartic sketch: "Teamwork."

1 comment:

  1. I saw one of these before, but I didn't know it was a program. Thank you for the enlightenment. I love the ending of the movie, btw--"at that point, I will have a lot of last minute suggestions." Uh, yes, you will, and then I will be furious. That's teamwork.

    Well done, all you K brothers and their dad.