Monday, February 15, 2010

Is it us?

I know, you are thinking, okay already, we get that you had a lot of snow (and didn't I note with the latest header that winter might be a good thing?). Well, yes, and there will be ongoing, detailed documentation of that over at the family blog since it appears that the Artist, Engineer, and Captain may never return to the cozy confines of a classroom. However, you would be wrong to assume that this is just another post about how much snow we have received here in the DC metro area. No, this is more of a metaphysical/snow-fall oriented post.

You see, that picture above is outside of college roomy's house an hour or so outside of Atlanta, GA. Yup, that is right Atlanta, GA. We managed to get ourselves extracted from somewhere close to four feet of snow in four days to catch a plane to Atlanta, only to arrive in what constituted as a blizzard for the peach-city. The result was a touch-and-go two and a half hour trip to college roomy's house compliments of his lovely and talented wife. We then proceeded to have a wonderful weekend with college roomy, his wife and two daughters (and the dogs and a cat) only to catch a flight back home to be greeted by, you guessed it, more snow!

Not only have we had a ton of snow this year here at home where we are not supposed to have this much snow, but it seems that everywhere we go, we are blasted. The whole week in Cleveland at Christmas was one storm after another. Oh sure, you say, they are supposed to have snow; but, in fact, we have had more of the fluffy white stuff than they have seen this year (except that week when we were in Cleveland which fell conveniently between our big December storm and our two small January storms).

And so we must wonder, dear readers, what have we done to deserve this snow treatment?
  • Did we wish for it too hard when we were younger for snow days and so now have been given them, only to find out it means being trapped inside with three boys for what feels like an entire season?
  • Is this some karma thing telling us that somehow we have not treated someone fairly and so we must shovel to atone?
  • Could it be that we are getting old and already starting the slow, slide toward the south to warm out bones?
  • Perhaps, those crackpot global warming folks are correct and it has nothing to do with our behavior?
  • Or perhaps Mother Nature is trying to teach us something about the pace of life?
  • Then again, maybe it is just pure coincidence that we happen to end up where the snow is?
Whatever is the case, all I know is that I am ready for daffodils, dogwoods, dirt, and diving into a lake--and to finally be done with digging out of deep snow.

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  1. Dunno, but I love the consonance going on in that last paragraph. Well-played.

    I sure liked looking at all the pictures--and I confess to wishing there would be more snow here. It hasn't seemed to help.