Tuesday, February 9, 2010

For the Record: I Am Out Shoveling

Lest anyone think I have been slacking in my blog maintenance--particularly those of you who might be thinking that the whole Washington, DC metro area has been shut down for snow so what else does a guy have to do other than write blog posts--let me set the record straight. Since I managed to arrive home from an insane trip to California an hour before the snow started, life has basically been about one thing: shoveling.

It started late Friday afternoon with the idea that I would shovel early and often to stay ahead and so I shoveled off the first wet inch of snow. I followed up with a little post-dinner shoveling which was followed by plopping on the couch exhausted from only 10 hours of sleep in 48 hours (4 in a plane seat) ready to listen to some music and chill. That was interrupted by some fine neighbors who thought they could drive their little sports car up the hills in our neighborhood and me donning my gear and going out to dig them out, er, back into their driveway. While I was out there, decided to shovel again.

Went to bed mistakenly feeling ahead of the game. Arose to find trees down, snow coming down in buckets and fresh foot of wet, heavy snow on the recently shoveled areas--and everywhere else. Out we went for a couple hours of shoveling and tree maintenance. Here I decided it is better to take a break given that it is going to be a long day--probably a mistake given how much snow came down during that break, but then again I am alive!

Back out for another few or five hours to reach the end of the driveway, dig a pathway around the back of the house to the side gate, clear more trees--looks like we lost at least two--and watch the boys try to walk around in three feet of freshly fallen snow. Arrive back in the house late afternoon to rest bones and eat good food--but that is a whole other post. Then sleep the sleep of the dead.

Next day--it is only Sunday at this point, but feels like a month has past--we get the big sun! We also get the report that our little neck of the woods had 40 inches! Oh my achin' bones. Head out to dig out the cars and shovel all the periphery snow around them (sounds simple, but when you are dealing with this much snow, figure another couple hours of shoveling). Get to watch the boys frolic in the snow and create trail system throughout the yard. Back in for more good food and reports that another major snow storm is on the way. You. Have. Got. To. Be. Joking!

Next morning everything, and I mean everything, is closed. Finally see a snow plow mid-Monday morning which means it is time to go out and shovel all the snow just deposited at the end of the driveway. Shoulders and back are now about to completely rebel and stage a coup to take over control of my body and force all other parts to accept their terms and conditions--laying down, anywhere, for a long time. Brain takes back over thinking about next storm.

Head out to the store to restock food and other supplies and upon return realize the roof really needs attention or that snow is going to be in our bedroom. Up on the ladder, on the roof, another couple hours of shoveling off the roof (just to make a dent) and clearing the eaves which are backing up with ice. Head back in for more good food--really, I need to write a post about that. Check the wires and nets--everything closed again on Tuesday because next storm set to begin midday.

Today--finally--get up and finally have some time to do a little work, but then back out for a few more hours of roof and eave maintenance--easily an inch and a half of ice build up under the snow pack on the roof. Get back in clean up and begin to--yes, cook more good food--and the snow begins. Just got back in from taking off the first three inches and probably need to go back out before sleep as the projections are for another 12-20 inches of snow by tomorrow night.

So good people, know that it is all my weary bones can do to type this post. Okay, there was also a bunch of fun family cabin fever activity including the cooking that I might get to between shoveling shifts tomorrow. And for those who do not believe, I provide you with some photos taken this weekend from the family blog.

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