Saturday, April 23, 2011

Tumblr if Anything At All

Pretty much been off line for the last couple months. Not sure what that means, but just in case anyone stops here and wonders what is up, I direct you to CPSLAND over at Tumblr.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Who Needs Banks?

Conversation upon arriving home last night and finding five dollar bills and singles drying on paper towels in the kitchen.

Me: What’s up with the money?

Neats: It’s The Engineer’s.

Me: OK. Why is it on paper towels?

Neats: It was wet.

Me: How did it get wet?

Neats: You really want to know?

Me: (preparing to hear about how he dropped his wallet in the fish tank): Yes

Neats: I told them that if they want to pitch in some of their money, I would take the boys to Game Stop.

Me: Uh-huh.

Neats: The Engineer immediately said “just a minute,” put on his shoes and ran outside.

Me: Why?

Neats: (barely able to finish through the impending laughter) To dig up the money he buried in a plastic crayon box out in the backyard.

Neats: Obviously it wasn’t waterproof.


Monday, February 21, 2011

BLOG (aka: Banal Litany Of Goings-ons)

Well, it has been days, nay, weeks since I posted last and let me be the first to say that you are welcome. I mean really, there just has not been all that much to say, and most of which there is, would be whiny drivel for the most part.

I could have told you about how long the grungy illness I had lingered (in fact, I am quite sure it is just lying dormant but still very much ready to spring back into action at the littlest provocation--like, say, Spring).

I could recount that I have been so busy at work that I hardly seem family or make it to any events and when I do my mind is still swimming in what has not been done. Or I could have pointed out that while I am so busy I am not out in field fighting one of the many, many crazy right-wing politicians who are out to gut any semblance of a government that benefits the people as a whole, because I need to take care of the petty, bureaucratic details of our operation my tallents are too valuable. Okay, that isn't fair, I do get to at least try to figure out how to reason with the crazy right-wing politicians led by the Great Orange One in the federal government. So there is that.

I could note that as a result of said illness and said work, I haven't bought any new music or, as a result, listened to any. Nor have I made any interesting new dishes to tell you about.

I could take the high road and talk about anticipating baseball, gardening and light--but really, haven't you heard enough about that?

Or, I could get quit being lazy and actually try to write about what is happening in this country and why it seems overwhelmingly depressing, but that would take so much work and who really comes here for substance anyway?

No, you wouldn't really want any of that now would you? I didn't think so.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Hell in a Handbasket

Look peeps, I would post more, but right now the world sucks. Yeah, yeah I know--what about Egypt? Whatever, out with the old in with the oh-slightly-less-but-not-all-that-different new. And here at home we have a whole bunch of bat-s*#t crazies in the states trying to take advantage of the economy to do (more) real damage to the working class. And don't get me started on higher ed--get ready for severe drops in financial aid, more people fawning over for-profit colleges who are fleecing students, and people who have never even been in a classroom telling us how to educate students. I could go on, but let's just say I have been too busy (and pissed) to post.

Is it baseball season yet?

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Dear Blogger:

I have a confession. I have been playing around with another platform. I know. I know. I said that after the last time I flirted with another platform--and I came back with my blogger-tail between my legs--that I wouldn't ever leave. But this time it's different.

What? No, of course I am not talking about Facebook! Don't get me started on all the reasons I don't want to invest time and share information in that stinkin' space.

No, it is not Twitter. You know I actually love the Twitter, but I have never hid my affection for the bird and I have also told you I would never leave you for 140 characters. I mean c'mon, the Twitter feed is right there on our site!

Well, it is just that this platform is kind of a nice cross between all those status driven sites and you. And, well, it does all this arranging and organizing and resizing and stuff--oh and the templates, they are so many and interesting. Oh sorry, too much information, right?

Okay. Okay. It's Tumblr! That is what I have been goofing around with! I'm sorry. It just started out as a little exploration and the next thing I knew I was hooked. Yeah, I know that no one is following me, but it is fun.

There. I said it. Are you happy?

I am.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Willing Spring

Yes, we still have the rest of February to get through and even some of March probably, but then, then dear friends we will be planting and soon our salads and what not will come straight from the good earth. In fact, we will be planting sooner to get all those little seeds popping in the toastiness of our house.

Now, upon doing a seed inventory it became clear that we had a pretty good stock, which is good news. Unfortunately I had been rifling through my Seed Savers catalog of a couple weeks salivating over what new varieties to try. Ultimately, we just picked out a few items--greens, a couple new tomato varieties and some cold weather root veggies--just enough to satiate my ordering desire. How could I not?

Sunday, January 30, 2011

You Go Back in There and You Get Me a Generator Hi!

They were heading into their third day of no power thanks to Commutagedon which had arrived in the DC area a couple days prior. Sleep had been cold and fitful that night and the three boys looked like even school would be preferable. There were a number of things that needed done that Saurday morning, but the first item on the agenda was to deal with the fact that the woodpile was getting very low--too low to make it another 24 hours. So the husband prepared to go find fuel.

"The Home Depot for a generator perhaps?" suggested the lovely but tired wife.

"Come now, we just need to make it a little longer--the power has to come on soon" responds the stubborn and not-so-straight-thinking husband.

The husband heads out and returns with a load of wood that should carry the family through another day. "Didn't you go to Home Depot?" asks the wife. "Yes, but generators are really expensive and I talked with a friend who made me realize it would be quite a bit of work to get it hooked up to run the furnace. And did I mention they are expensive?" replies the husband.

After a few minutes had passed. "Let me ask this" the wife asserts more than asks. "If we had the generator could we at least run a space heater or two and couple appliances to get by so we don't have to sit by this fireplace and breath smoke* for another day and then when it is warmer get it set up so the next time the power goes out we are ready? Could we do that? Could we?"

"Get your coat son" says the husband to his eldest boy. "Why? Where are we going Papa?" he asks.

"To buy a generator, son . . . to buy a generator."

"But I thought you said they were expensive and by the time we got it working . . . "

"Get your coat son."

And the family lived happily ever after as the generator was purchased, hooked up (with friend's help) and the heat began to flow.

The power was restored three hours later. The husband smiled.

So did the wife.


* This is not to case aspersions on our fireplace, which is beautiful and efficient and kept us toasty through most of this ordeal.