Friday, November 6, 2009

Fickleness Alert

Just dropping in to say that while I decided to try WordPress because I generally like the look of WP blogs and I thought perhaps it might be a good idea to get away from everything in my life being driven/owned/tracked/removed by Google, I may very well be moving this blog back to Blogger. Why? Well let's just say WP seems a bit less than flexible.

For instance, while I like the template I am using, I wanted to jump the font a bit--perhaps because I am getting a bit older or perhaps because the font (particularly in the widgets) is DAMN SMALL! The WP answer?

You can change fonts using HTML but it’s fiddly and maybe not worth the hassle all the time but keep reading. [snip]
To change fonts globally, you would need to purchase the Custom CSS upgrade [15 bucks a year—not much but really?!] and have some knowledge of CSS in order to make the desired changes. If you’re new to CSS, there are some wonderfully helpful people to be found in the CSS Customization forum who may be able to help you out.
We cannot alter a theme to accommodate your choice of font size. Please bear in mind that if we alter a theme for you then that alters the same theme for everyone else. They probably won’t like that happening.


Pretty sure I could change font size and style easily on individual post or globally in Blogger with out spending any money or having it be "fiddly" or a hassle and I am pretty sure I was able to fiddle with the CSS at will (usually to my demise).

So listen folks--I don't mean to seem like an old, fickle man who keeps changing things at the drop of a font, but I can tell I am on verge and thought that the only responsible thing to do was issue a warning.

Feel free to stop me.

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