Thursday, October 28, 2010

There Was Maine

I thought I might not ever get back to this crazy blog thing, but the reasons aren't all bad. One great reason for being absent is that Neats and I actually stole away for three days in Maine to belatedly celebrate her putting up with me for 20 years of marriage (and a few before that). There was much eating and lazing about, but also some wonderful hiking in the woods up along the coast--and of course, plenty of colors to peep.

It is amazing how even three days seems like such a huge amount of time when you aren't responding to work and kids' schedules and all of life which seems to make the day fly by. It allowed us time to actually have long conversations and talk through life and our kids and the future in a way we felt we hadn't done for years it seemed.

And there was food and wine to slowly enjoy as we talked. If ever in Portland, which was our base, may I recommend:
And at some point, stop in for breakfast at Bantliff's Cafe (and yes order the Lobster Benedict). All of which is why you need to go for long walks during the day which feed your other senses. See.

1 comment:

  1. a. Beautiful. Really.
    b. You two look the same--was it the golden glow of autumnal Maine?
    c. I really really want to go to there.