Sunday, October 3, 2010

I Should . . .

Well it is autumn--best season of the year. Where the last of the harvest arrives and the colors change and thoughts turn to piles of leaves, stews, fires, jazz and red wine. Oh and all the $#%@# I have to get done. I have one day left of this weekend, here are all the things I should do.
  • Harvest those last big basil plants, clean, dry and freeze pack it with parsley and oil for winter pesto.
  • Move two smaller trees from backyard to front in place of the two saplings the deer have already eaten.
  • Stake all (then) four smaller trees and net them to protect from the stupid deer (perhaps venison stew?).
  • Change the header on this blog--I mean, c'mon it is really not summer now is it?
  • Post something, anything, over on the family blog.
  • Listen to that pile of new discs that just arrived--perhaps while getting the pile of uncased discs people have given me organized into cases with some art work.
  • Mow the lawn (yeah, right).
  • Continue to work on list of minor home repairs that need done--Spackle, touch up paint, order new front door hardware, etc.
  • Call a variety of people back--all about the various upcoming visits that are scheduled.
  • Try to ignore work.
  • Review field assignments from The Engineer's baseball game yesterday (he and they rocked!) and put new assignments together for next two games.
  • Watch final Tigers game of the season.
  • Attend first play of the season at Imagination Stage with the family (pretty sure that will get done).
  • Figure out a bit more about what Neats and I are going to do in Maine for our upcoming little get away (besides sleep).
  • Oh, and of course obsess about the future!
Phew--better get another cup of coffee.

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