Friday, October 8, 2010

Food Tyrant or Responsible Parent?

So anyone who reads this blog knows that I have some particular opinions on food. Some might say that I am even a bit of a snob about food--I like to think it is more about having a semi-refined palate. This most often gets played out in our household when I refuse to stop at fast-food joints when time is tight. The boys all know that I really, really prefer that we don't eat prepared, institutional food and have no problem sharing my opinions on this matter with others.

Now that said, I know that given schedules, it is sometimes almost unavoidable that there are times when fast-food is the answer, but the boys still relish the chance to point out that they got to indulge. As evidence, I offer up two exchanges from this week.

1. At a school event this week:

School Principal to the Engineer: Hey, there is that new Wendy's nearby. I stopped there and had those new spicy chicken nuggets. They were pretty good. Do you like those?

Engineer: My dad doesn't like us to eat fast food.

Nice. The eight-year old giving the school principal some nutritional education.

2. A Wednesday night (note that Wednesday's at our house are crazy as the boys go straight from school to piano lessons and then have to go straight to baseball practice--including a uniform change in the van and I race from work to practice):

The Captain to me after getting home at 8:30 pm after baseball practice (in a gleeful 5-year old voice): Hey Papa, guess where we ate dinner tonight? You're going to be angry! McDonald's!

Win some, lose some!

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  1. You're going to be angry!


    I admit to eating the occasional order of fries at McD's and also those inexcusable yet somehow delicious apple pies. You're going to be angry, but I love them.