Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Let the Wild Rumpus Begin

Finally. Vacation has arrived. Okay, technically, I still need to do a few things, clean up the house a bit more for our wonderful house sitter, pack, yada, yada . . . but let us be clear. I do not have to commute in the August heat of DC anymore this year (well, one day but by then it will feel like September right?).

So to celebrate we have made a few modifications here. I jumped over to a new template with a bit more breathing room in it. I made a header change which includes a picture from vacation two years ago. You want to be there, don't you? I do. In fact I will be in just a couple days--ahhhh, the big lake.

So, blogging will be even slower than usual here for a while. There may be a picture or two, but any real blogging will be over at The Brothers K where The Artist and I usually listen to the waves in the cool morning hours while we upload photos from the previous day and record our thoughts on food, sand castles and the wave crashing rumpus from the previous day. Let us know if you want an invite to the family blog!

For now--hope all is well in your world. Breathing out . . . .

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