Sunday, May 16, 2010

There Will Be Veggies!

We have always been gardeners to a certain extent. In Salt Lake, we had a serious veggie garden, but only in the last few years have we really got our Maryland garden up to full speed. This year we took the final step of really getting off on the right foot with a large (some might say, too large) order of seeds from Seed Savers (I will wait while you spend the next 30 minutes of your life ogling their stuff on line and wishing you had placed your order earlier this year too).

So we have a whole bunch of plants started that will probably go in the ground next weekend, a whole bunch of early plants already seeded in the garden and coming up, and a bunch of warmer weather starters who will get planted as seeds next weekend too--all contingent on finding enough room and still managing to have a yard in which the boys can play. That said here is what we hope to have by way of veggies this year in no particular order:
  • Basil: Globe, Sweet Genovese
  • Parlsey: Italian
  • Zucchini: Black Beauty and Golden
  • Peppers: Tolli's Sweet, Garden Sushine, Sweet Chocolate Pepper
  • Tomatoes: Moonglow, Cherokee Purple, Red Zebra, Redfield Beauty, Hartman's Gooseberry
  • Eggplant: Listada de Gandia
  • Cucumber, Japanese Climbing
  • Chives
  • Swiss Chard: Fordhook Giant
  • Spinach: Red Malabar
  • Beans: Sultan's Green Crescent & Golden Crescent
  • Melon: Amish
  • Corn: Stowell's Evergreen
  • Carrots: St. Valery
  • Beets: Burpee's Golden
  • Lettuce: Grandpa Admires, and Mixed
  • Arugula: Apollo
  • Peas: Green Arrow
  • A host of other herbs all over and in pots
We were probably a little late in getting everything going--probably should have seeded at the very beginning of March (except squash and cukes). Regardless we are having fun--and hopefully we will be flush with veggies in the near future.

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