Monday, May 24, 2010

Another Bite at an Apple

So anyone who is a "friend" of mine on Facebook knows that after much input and research, I got Neats a new MacBook Pro for Mother's Day. It was really an excuse to get a better computer in the house for her as our near-decade-old-Gateway laptop is Windows tired--or as I like to say, "slow as all get out!" Neats was resisting dropping the coin for a new computer and kept saying that our computer wasn't really all that bad, but I decided it was time to correct this situation and after my highly scientific polls on Facebook, it was clear that it was worth the investment to jump back to the Apple.

That said, we have been in a PC environment for a very long time, so we are still (re)learning the Mac world. Here are a few comments that have been made during the process of learning about and setting up the new machine.
  • So, how do I open it?
  • Whoa, it's talking to me!
  • Where do I click?
  • Oh, hey, there I am on the screen . . . um, so it has a built in camera?
  • Wow, this really is fast (i.e. our old computer really did suck)!
  • Really, do you think Garage Band is the first application we should explore?
  • Maybe we should call and see if the Apple Care is already applied . . . Right, it is Sunday . . .no it says they are 24/7 . . . Uh, huh. . . . . Oh hi Jason, yes Jason, sure Jason, thank you Jason. . . .Yup, we are set.
  • Mama and I took a picture of ourselves as cartoons!
In short, I think we made the right decision. Perhaps there will even be cool graphics and movies here soon--that, of course, would mean that I will actually get on the Mac, which of course means Neats would not be using it. Hmmm . . . think I will go watch me some baseball!

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