Saturday, May 15, 2010

Spring Goings-Ons (Rationalizations)

I realize that I often write lists of excuses as to why I haven't blogged lately--which I realize are really journal entries of what is going on in my life right now--which I realize qualify as the very reason people keep blogs. In short, I am not sure what my compulsion is with apologizing for not writing for the two people that read this here blog, but perhaps I am just trying to fit this blog into the Protestant-guilt/rebellion genre where I write about music to rebel, but apologize for my inadequacies as a blogger.


Here are a few of the things that have occupied my time as of late as opposed to blogging.
  • A week-long series of meetings at work.
  • The Engineer's baseball team, which has clawed its way back to almost .500 which plays or practices three days a week (resulting in me saying to my work colleagues, "uh yeah, that is critical, but I gotta leave to get to a little league game).
  • Virtually everyone in The Captain's preschool class being born in the same two months resulting in a weekly (or two) birthday parties.
  • The Artist's birthday, Neats' birthday, Mothers Day, and our 20th anniversary.
  • Fantasizing (again) about having a group music blog with Lisa B, College Roomy, North Shore Dave, Wobblie and DR--that would be hip.
  • Enjoying that fact that because ESPN seems obligated to show every Yankee game I got to watch the Tigers take three of four from them this week.
  • Speaking of the Tigers, we happen to mention that we are getting tickets to Commerica in August and all 26 members of my family decide that is a good idea and are joining us--so add coordinating that and getting tickets and hotels to the list.
  • Garden, garden, garden (more on that to come).
  • Starting to listen to the two package of discs that recently arrived--one ordered and one a nice surprise from College Roomy.
  • Fretting about not blogging (that takes up a lot of time)!
And now off to a baseball game, take care of the yard and make an anniversary dinner reservation!

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