Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Lessons from the Road

We have once again made the trek up to the north shore to visit family and friends in Cleveland for the holidays and, as is always the case, I learned a few things in the car (and before) on the way up (some of which you think I would have learned already).
  1. If you get your children a Wii for Christmas, it is best to not stay up the night before until midnight playing Super Mario Brothers instead of getting the packing and prep done for the trip (but it sure was fun).
  2. We know far too many of the employees at the Bob Evans in Breezewood.
  3. It appears that he who rides in the back--in this case, The Captain--seems to be the best traveler of the bunch.
  4. I would really like to hang out with They Might Be Giants when they write a song for one of their kid's albums.
  5. Even though it seems like a good time to plan some things (like say, life, for instance), we never really manage to do it.
  6. If it is slanting-southern-sunny day, create some sun-blocking device for the Engineer's window since he sits on the side facing south and he is going to be HOT!
  7. Tunnels are endlessly fascinating.
  8. Thinking that a long road trip is the perfect time to listen to that stack of discs College Roomy sent earlier this month is based on the faulty premise that you can hear the music well enough to attend to it.
  9. The Artist has thought of a lot of alternative (and faster, much faster) means of transportation.
  10. Arriving just as a nice winter storm starts is perfect timing.
We shall see what the return trip has to offer.

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