Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy!

Do you have anyone in your life who around this time of year notes that they had all their holiday planning done in July? And their shopping in August? And probably baked their cookies and sweets ahead and froze them in the sleepy days of September? Yeah, me too. And yes, I scoff at there sad, empty lives that leave them so much time to think about the holidays that far in advance and are unable to enjoy those things which are meant to enjoyed at the appropriate seasonal moments as indicated by the calendar. I mean really shopping for Christmas presents in August--haven't you heard of fresh tomatoes and corn?!

And are you not aware of the rule? You know the one: no singing Christmas songs or engaging in December holiday activities until after Thanksgiving! And really it is totally doable. See, here is all we have left to do:
  • Send out Christmas letters and cards with appropriate personal touches added to various letters (or, more likely, we will just stuff them and send them so they go out before January).
  • Finish shopping for the boys--luckily the "jolly old elf" takes care of the stockings so we don't need to worry about those (wink, wink).
  • Deal with gifts for parents--struggle for idea with one set, and with how a digital frame works for the others (and then fall back on digital frame for both).
  • Attend boys' recitals and holiday concerts.
  • Go replenish the two pounds of butter we used up on Thanksgiving, get a few pounds of sugar and nuts for cookies--so many cookies--to be made and boxes stuffed and transported and delivered.
  • Figure out presents for new nephew Nicolas and his big sister Ella.
  • Make sure to find time to hang by fire and finishing reading The Christmas Carol to elder boys and other assorted holiday favorites to all as well as watch all the favorite holiday kid shows.
  • Plan out all scrumptious-ness that will be prepared and eaten over days around Christmas.
  • Try not to think too much about having to take it all down right after Christmas so we can get in the car and travel and focus on knowing we will be happy to be with our family once we get there.
  • Gussy up this blog a bit with some holiday feel and make sure we post a lot on the Brothers K or The Artist will be disappointed that we posted less this year than last--it is all about progress and achievements for that one!
Totally manageable right? And really who wouldn't want to be busy this time of year--what are those other people doing now anyway? Spring cleaning?!

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  1. I so agree with this philosophy. I would rather feel busy during this season, but seasonal, than super prepared but doing any of that stuff ahead of Thanksgiving. But I am, frankly, feeling like my sick really took some of the good days out of my holiday season. I am trying not to feel either panicked or grouchy about that.