Monday, February 21, 2011

BLOG (aka: Banal Litany Of Goings-ons)

Well, it has been days, nay, weeks since I posted last and let me be the first to say that you are welcome. I mean really, there just has not been all that much to say, and most of which there is, would be whiny drivel for the most part.

I could have told you about how long the grungy illness I had lingered (in fact, I am quite sure it is just lying dormant but still very much ready to spring back into action at the littlest provocation--like, say, Spring).

I could recount that I have been so busy at work that I hardly seem family or make it to any events and when I do my mind is still swimming in what has not been done. Or I could have pointed out that while I am so busy I am not out in field fighting one of the many, many crazy right-wing politicians who are out to gut any semblance of a government that benefits the people as a whole, because I need to take care of the petty, bureaucratic details of our operation my tallents are too valuable. Okay, that isn't fair, I do get to at least try to figure out how to reason with the crazy right-wing politicians led by the Great Orange One in the federal government. So there is that.

I could note that as a result of said illness and said work, I haven't bought any new music or, as a result, listened to any. Nor have I made any interesting new dishes to tell you about.

I could take the high road and talk about anticipating baseball, gardening and light--but really, haven't you heard enough about that?

Or, I could get quit being lazy and actually try to write about what is happening in this country and why it seems overwhelmingly depressing, but that would take so much work and who really comes here for substance anyway?

No, you wouldn't really want any of that now would you? I didn't think so.

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