Monday, January 3, 2011

Red-line or Polar Express?

So we still have Christmas trees in our house given our lazy/rock-band day after Christmas before the scheduled-to-the-max Cleveland friends and family tour, but I am hoping that is to my benefit. See, tonight I got on the Metro at Union Station tonight as always, but alas when I got off at Silver Spring I couldn't find my Metro fare-card. More accurately, I reached in my coat pocket--a coat I have had for about 15 years--and found a hole.

Now I knew there was a hole, but what I didn't realize was that "said hole" had grown large enough that a Metro card would slip through it. So there I was reaching in my pocket like the boy in the Polar Express looking overwhelmingly sad at losing the first gift of Christmas (not to mention how would I get out of the Metro?)!

Of course, life is not as interesting as a classic children's tale. The Metro station dude barely let me begin to spill my tale of woe when he gruffly told me to go out the emergency gate (I actually believe you could ride Metro for free if you wanted, but that is another post). And I won't need Santa Claus to return my lost card because Metro actually has an effective phone-based help line and they solved the problem immediately (so that is where the money goes!).

Still, I am hoping for a note from Mr. C tomorrow morning under one of our trees. I promise to fix the hole in my pocket!

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