Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Hustle and Bustle

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am sentimental sap when it comes to Christmas. More specifically when it comes to the whole holiday season beginning with Thanksgiving, running through Christmas with the lazy winding down to the new year. I love everything about it (just about). I love all of our family traditions from our tree raising traditions, to cookie making, to train and light watching, to the music and cooking, to the actual day of Christmas itself. And then all the little things seem to be all the better during this season.

A fresh dusting of snow is somehow a bit more magical in December. The slanting low light in the late afternoon as the sun settles in and the lights emerge for the long dark night. Fires somehow seem a bit more romantic. And clementines--I love clementines in December after a warm meal, but before the cookies! Okay, so I really am a sap.

Now that said, I realize that lately the I don't enjoy the season as much as I used to and have wondered why. But this past week as The Captain struggled with a bout of bronchitis, I realized what the answer was (and how obvious and predictable it was). See, he came down with it the night before we got a few inches of snow last week--the first of the year. And as we all headed out to work and school, I was cheering him up saying that he got to hang out at home, cuddled on the couch by the tree and watch the snow come down and it reminded me of a Christmas my sister and I were both sick the week before Christmas and how much fun we had in the long run being home that week--yes even illness is better at Christmas.

The point was that I realized I used to spend a good deal of time basking in the things I love about the season and now I spend most time running from one moment to the next. That is, of course, the natural reality of working and having a family who all have activities as well, but it gave me pause and made me realize that even with all that happens in our busy lives, there is time to be had. Now that time comes at the expense of other things--namely not trying to get everything done and done perfectly--but that is really worth it particularly when it comes to slowing down and focusing on what is important.

I don't mean avoiding all the hustle and bustle--that is in some way very much a part of the charm of the season--but rather setting some things aside for the time being and recognizing that often, less is more.

Terribly obvious and trite, I know, but I thought I would write that down to help me remember. Now will someone kindly send me this post next year just before Thanksgiving next year?!

Hope you all are finding some time and space to bask in the season with your loved ones!

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