Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Anxious and Giddy: New Frontier Ruckus Album

I have been waiting to get a bit closer to July 20th to place my next disc order so I can include the new album from Frontier Ruckus, Deadmalls & Nightfalls. This album will surely get much more attention from this here blog as I totally fell in love with their first album, but I had to note today's wonderful surprise. Mid-afternoon as I trudged through the first day at the office and the second day of jet lag, I got the notification that the new album was streaming over at the band's Facebook BandPage.

I obviously haven't listened closely yet, but let me just say that I was very happy to hear Anna Burch (I assume) singing harmony on the album even though she appears to have left the band--those harmonies were a key component of their sound on the first album. So go check it out and I'll be back to this one for sure after I have it on disc and listen to it a few hundred times.


  1. thanks for the heads up--I haven't listen to this band, so I'll make sure to take a listen.

  2. I somehow managed to not drop in the link to my post on their first album which is now corrected--worth following just to check out all the great YouTube videos from their first album. Also just discovered that Sun Kil Moon has a few tracks up streaming from the new album over at Caldo Verde!